UKIP view on protests

Your recent lead story reported on a proposed civil rights meeting being organised for Londonderry on the 27th January and indicated that UKIP Northern Ireland supports the event, your article has generated a number of enquires to UKIP on Northern Ireland Policy which I will answer.

UKIP does not have any formal role at all in organising the proposed Civil Rights meeting in Londonderry on the 27th January. UKIP is a totally non-sectarian political party that welcomes all people regardless of creed or background and is strongly committed to obtaining freedom from the European Union and National self determination for the citizens of the United Kingdom, UKIP is completely opposed to violence of any kind but strongly supports the right of peaceful protest and political activism to allow communities to highlight issues that concern them. UKIP NI has been advised by its Londonderry membership that the proposed civil rights event on the 27th will be a dignified and non-confrontational and represents a genuine vehicle to express the legitimate concerns held by a large section of the Londonderry Community. UKIP party representatives will attend the event to hear people’s views and interact with them and use political influence to try and get answers to their questions and resolutions to their problems, UKIP NI is aware that the Nationalist community in Londonderry has very powerful political representation and has abundant methods of having its views and aspirations expressed and we believe that it’s important that all communities feel included in Northern Ireland society and it is extremely important that the pro-union community in Londonderry has belief that it will receive equality and parity of esteem. UKIP will support all the people of Londonderry in creating a peaceful and just society.

Yours sincerely

Councillor Henry M Reilly

Chairman UKIP Northern Ireland