TUV man asks if Claudy suspects got ‘OTR letters’

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A Limavady politician is asking whether what he called ‘get out of jail free cards’ were given to suspects wanted for the 1972 Claudy bombing.

TUV Councillor Boyd Douglas said: “The revelation that at least 187 Republicans have been afforded an amnesty has shocked innocent victims the length and breadth of Northern Ireland. They have been cruelly denied justice because of a sordid deal with a Government which evidently viewed keeping the corrupt ‘peace process’ on track as more important than securing justice for the citizens whose primary duty it was to defend. Due process, the courts and Parliament have all been subverted by this dirty deal with Sinn Fein. The skullduggery which lies at the heart of the peace process has yet again been exposed.

“As the public is aware I have been active in campaigning for justice for the Claudy families for many years and have ensured that the matter was raised in the council.

“It is essential that the victims of Claudy know the truth. For far too long there has been deceit and cover up. The wealth of information contained in the Police Ombudsman report into the attack had left many people wondering just why the case was not progressing. Was it because they had got these get out of jail free cards?

“My party will be meeting with the Secretary of State on Thursday and will be pressing her on whether the Government will be publishing the names of all of those who received letters and the crimes they were suspected of committing.

“Remember that just a few days ago Peter Robinson was saying that unless that happened - and the letters were rescinded – he would resign. He got none of that and there is no prospect of any of the co-First Minister’s demands being met.”