Triangle residents helping to carry out new area survey

Residents of the Triangle are helping to carry out a survey to assess the needs of the area.

The Waterside Area Partnership (WAP) is behind the survey, which will concentrate on environmental issues and what facilities the residents feel are lacking in the estate.

A steering group of residents is helping the Partnership carry out the survey which should be completed inside the next few weeks.

“We have already been talking to the statutory agencies such as Derry City Council, Roads Service and the Housing Executive and once we have completed the survey we will be back in contact with them,” said Hilary McClintock, of the Partnership

She added: ”We want to find out specific information on the needs and issues facing families and residents living within the estate. By gathering this information we hope to look at how to meet these needs in the future”

WAP says that the survey will also give the Partnership the opportunity to gain a good cross-section of the actual numbers of people living in the Triangle area from babies to the elderly.

The survey will also be used by WAP to assess what use, if any, local residents make of the community facilities surrounding the Triangle area.

WAP will be asking is there is a lack of community and play facilities.

There will also be questions on environmental issues such as rubbish collection.

The new WAP survey will also be seeking to establish if, in the view of the local residents, the estate has drug and alcohol problems.

It will also be asking the people who live in the area if they believe the Triangle suffers from anti-social behaviour or from the inter-communal problems such as sectarianism.