N.I. 'people being sound' car park photo goes viral

A photograph taken in a Northern Ireland car park on Monday has gone down a storm on social media.

Tuesday, 17th September 2019, 1:58 pm
The photo was shared on social media on Monday.

The picture is of a pay station in a pay and display car park in Londonderry city centre.

Some people exiting the car park stick their still valid pay and display tickets on pay stations so that others coming behind them may save themselves some money and use the tickets if they so wish.

The image was taken by Londonderry man, Peter Eastwood, who Tweeted the photo along with the following caption.

The photo was shared on social media on Monday.

"Just one of many examples of Derry people being sound. Leaving their parking tickets with time left on them - #Derry #Home," he said.

Mr. Eastwood's social media post went down a storm right across the Province.

"Know I shouldn’t but do it all the time but mostly get someone coming in and many do same with me," replied one man.

People living in other parts Northern Ireland were quick to point out that the same thing happens in other towns and cities.

"Happens in Bangor and Newry all of the time," said one woman.

"Come to Portadown or Cookstown tomorrow and you'll see the same thing," added another.

"Apparently Belfast ones leave theirs on once they've expired," one man joked.