Accident involving child prompts safety call by Kee

UUP spokeswoman for Foyle Julia Kee. INLS1915-103KM
UUP spokeswoman for Foyle Julia Kee. INLS1915-103KM

Ulster Unionist Foyle spokeswoman, Julia Kee has called for a greater awareness of road safety after a child is knocked down in Tullyally

Ms Kee has urged all road users to exercise care and attention.

“Saturday saw a child knocked down in Tullyally and it was a stark reminder of how we all need to take greater care on the roads,” she said.

“I appeal to all motorists to watch their speed, particularly in built up areas where children may be playing. It is also important that pedestrians and cyclists exercise care and check to see if there are any vehicles nearby. We must all work to ensure that children are taught road sense from a very early age, as they will inevitably not be as aware of dangers as adults.

“I am contacting Roads Service to press home the need for traffic calming measures at Tullyally. Saturday could have ended in tragedy. Action is needed now.”