Transport NI aware of Primity flooding

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TransportNI says it is aware of periodic flooding issues at Primity Crescent in Newbuildings but says surface run off from a third party field adjacent to the estate is not its responsibility.

However, the authority says it’s willing to explore the issue, which is putting pressure on the drainage system at Primity Crescent.

A spokesperson said: “TransportNI are aware of occasional flooding to the rear of Primity Crescent. The field behind Primity Crescent is higher than the roads and footways within the estate.

“During periods of heavy rain or when snow thaws, water from the field runs down into the estate over third party land.

“TNI have no responsibility to prevent this water emanating from the land, that rests with the landowner.

“TNI are willing to explore this issue with all interested parties in the hope that a resolution to this problem can be identified.”