Top WHSCT doctor earned £343k: lobby

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The top earning doctor in the Western Health and Social Care Trust earned £343,210 in 2013/14 and 34 people in total working at the local health authority were reportedly earning in excess of £100,000.

That’s according to the right-wing lobby group, the TaxPayers’ Alliance, which has revealed that the cohort of very well paid public servants in the local Trust were among 50,137 NHS staff on £100,000 or more in 2013/14.

Between them they earned £6,871,266. That gives an average of over £200,000.

The TaxPayers’ Alliance asked all health authorities for details of their top earners. The Western Trust provided details of 34 employees but refused to name anyone except the Acting Medical Director Alan McKinney whose gross pay was listed as totalling £162,500. An employee pension contribution was included.

But Mr McKinney was a modest earner in the scheme of things.

Three consultants were earning over a quarter of million each.

They were on £343,210, £251,824 and £250,207 respectively. A further 11 doctors were earning between £200,000 and £250,000. The twenty other staff - all doctors apart from Alan McKinney whose specific role was given as Acting Medical Director, all received between £100,000 and £200,000. The highest paid person at an NHS Trust was Mary Burrow, Chief Executive of Betsi Cadwaladr University Local Health Board who received £454,404

Jonathan Isaby, TaxPayers’ Alliance Chief, referring to the UK-wide figures, said: “Nobody disagrees with paying doctors and nurses well for doing good, difficult jobs. But the NHS Rich List makes clear that management in failing hospitals are still picking up handsome pay deals at taxpayers’ expense.”