There were 16 national security attacks in 2015

There were sixteen national security attacks against “emanations of Government” in Northern Ireland in 2015 though none caused any harm despite the partial detonation of explosives in some instances.

Secretary of State Theresa Villiers outlined the amount of attempted terrorist attacks against the state at the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee earlier this month.

CCTV footage of the explosion at Crawford Square.

CCTV footage of the explosion at Crawford Square.

DUP MP and Committee member Gavin Robinson asked the Minister if she knew how many terrorist attacks there had been this year in Northern Ireland.

She replied: “There have been 16 national security attacks. Those are defined as attacks on emanations of government, essentially, so police, armed services and the public sector.”

Asked if they were all foiled, she said: “Thankfully, they have not caused harm. Whilst I think there were some instances, for example, of partial detonation of explosives, thankfully no one has been harmed.”

Among the terrorist attacks on “emanations of Government” in 2015 were the bomb attack on the probation office in Crawford Square in April and a bomb attack on an Eglinton police officer in June.