The sky is the limit for local film makers

Tony Carlin and Kayleigh Clarke.
Tony Carlin and Kayleigh Clarke.

Social media has been buzzing in the last few days about a film shot entirely in Londonderry.

The video,which features stunning aerial views of Londonderry, shot from the sky, has been made by local photographer Kayleigh Clarke and her fiance Tony Carlin, who works for Voluntary Arts Ireland, based in the Verbal Arts Centre.

Their film project has been earning the pair rave reviews on social media after being watched nearly 50,000 times since its launch last week.

The film, entitled ‘There’s no place like home’ features never before seen views of the city, according to Tony.

It was shot with what is commonly referred to as a drone - a remote controlled flying unit with a camera attached. The aerial unit allowed Tony and Kayleigh to film for some truly breathtaking shots looking out over and directly down onto the city that would otherwise would not be possible - unless you happen to own a helicopter.

Kayleigh, who has just opened a photographic studio on the Strand Road, said she had been thrilled with the reaction to the film to date.

“Our aim was to show off the true beauty of our wee city and to spread a little Christmas cheer. The drone allowed us to show the city from a different perspective and I think allows people to appreciate just how beautiful a place it is.

“We never imagined it would be so popular though. For the film to be watched basically 50,000 times by local people in less than a week is mind boggling. It’s a testament to Tony’s video skills. He did such a fantastic job.”

For his part, Tony is the Director of Little Films and works with Kayleigh at weddings which Kayleigh is working as the photographer.

“We’ve been blown away by the public’s response and the comments that people have been leaving have been really lovely to read. Especially those messages from local people now living abroad telling us much they love the film and saying how it’s making them homesick. We’ve been overwhelmed with the response from everyone, it’s been really great,” he said.

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