The Queen: Interesting and fun facts

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Photo: Charlers McQuillan/Pacemaker
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Photo: Charlers McQuillan/Pacemaker

To celebrate the fact that HM The Queen will have ruled for more than 63 years and 216 days at 5.30pm today, we thought we would take a look back at some of the major events that occurred in the UK that year, and do a few price conversions.

A devastating flood swept through the Lynmouth on the north Devon coast, claiming more than 30 lives.

Britain suffered its worst-ever peacetime rail accident, when 112 people died in a three-train collision at Harrow and Wealdstone station in north-west London.

British troops travelled to Kenya to deal with the Mau Mau rebellion.

Anne Frank’s diary was published.

Derek Bentley, aged 19, was sentenced to be hanged after his 16-year-old accomplice (who was too young to be executed) murdered a policeman.

The Agatha Christie thriller ‘The Mousetrap’ opened in London, with Richard Attenborough as the detective. It is still running 63 years later.

Prime Minister Winston Churchill told the Commons that Britain had developed an atomic bomb.

Now to the price conversions...

If 1952 prices were converted into today’s equivalent, this is how things would compare (Something you might buy: 1952 price in 2015/Actual 2015 price).

Average house: £1,888/£179,696

Pint of beer: £1.42/£3.31

Loaf of bread: 57p/£1.35

Postage stamp: 19p/63p

Ford saloon car: £470/£19,995

TV licence: £91/£145.50