The landholders set to lose out to the A5 are...

TODAY the Sentinel publishes the names of landholders between Londonderry and Strabane affected by the vesting schedule of the A5 Western Transport Corridor (WTC).

Those affected are: DARD, Loughs Agency, NIE, NI Water, WELB, Northern Ireland Transport Holding Company, Vircap Properties Limited; James Kerr 249 Manningford Road, Birmingham; James Ronald Killen, New Buildings; John James Kerr (Junior), Birmingham; Michael Curran, Belfast; Paul Steele, Belfast; David J Hatrick, Londonderry; John S Hatrick, Londonderry; John McNeely and Janet McNeely, New Buildings; Personal Representative of Robert Chambers Deceased Peter Long Dickson & McNulty Solicitors; John Ecklin O'Kane, New Buildings; James Lawrence Nutt and Ann Nutt, New Buildings; William Fulton, Bready; Elsie Ruby Chambers c/o Brenda Donnelly Official Solicitors Office Royal Courts of Justice; Personal Representative of Mary Isobel Chambers Deceased Peter Long Dickson & McNulty Solicitors; Richard Brennan, New Buildings; William Dunn, Strabane; William Magee 59 Duncastle Road; William Fulton (Junior) and Robert Fulton, Strabane; William Cecil Henderson, New Buildings; David Graeme Killen, New Buildings; Geoffrey Ronald Killen, New Buildings; Kirstan Elizabeth Jane Killen, New Buildings; William Richard John Killen, New Buildings; James Stewart Killen, Newbuildings; James Ronald Killen, New Buildings; Graham Richard McNeely, Magheramason; Douglas Edward Dixon. Magheramason; William Noel McCrea, Magheramason; Graham Richard McCrea, Magheramason; Janice McCrea, Magheramason; Robert Samuel Gamble Woodhouse, Magheramason; Brian Guthrie, Magheramason; David Cairns and Louise Margaret Cairns, Magheramason; Desmond Alexander McBride and Mary Jayne McBride, Magheramason; Jonathan Owen Burgess, Magheramason; Julie Ann Kerr, Magheramason; Ross Edward Kerr, Magheramason; Sarah Guthrie, Magheramason; David Gamble, Bready; Leslie Dunn. Bready; Marcus Leslie Alexander Christie, Bready; Victor Love Christie, Drumahoe; William Lawrence McSparron and Florence Sarah Marie McSparron, Bready; Alistair Osbourne Buchanan, Bready; Personal Representative of Kathleen Adams Smith Christie Deceased Marcus Leslie Alexander Christie; Marcus Leslie Alexander Christie, Bready; John Benjamin Christie, Bready Strabane; Kathleen Isabel Christie, Bready; Robert James Rankin, Bready Strabane; Norman Crumley , Bready; William Charles Crumley, Bready; Victor John Love, Hazelbrook, New South Wales; Alan Robert McCrea, Bready; Derek McCrea, Bready; John A McCrea, Bready; Sarah McCrea, Bready; David McLaughlin Lowry. Bready; James Reginald Lowry, Bready; Alastair Osborne Buchanan and Eileen Hazel Jean Buchanan, Bready; Geoffrey Louis Rankin, Bready; Mavis Ewing Kelly, Bready; William Kelly, Bready; Iris Elizabeth Ballantine, Ballymagorry; Stanley Samuel Ballantine, Ballymagorry; Karl Rankin, Bready; Peter McShane, Bready; James Ivan Lindsay, Bready; Taylor Lindsay, Bready; Isabel Ida Lindsay, Bready; David James Throne, Bready; Victor Ian McMullan and Gillian Elizabeth McMullan, Bready; Personal Representative of William Semple Throne Deceased David James Throne, Bready; Christopher Basil Throne, Bready; Brenda Jean Throne, Bready; David Ivan Lindsay, Bready; Paul Foley, Ballymagorry; James Vincent Crumlish, Dublin; Mary Jude Crumlish, County Dublin; James Reginald Lowry, Bready;

John Briggs, Ballymagorry; John Gerard McShane, Ballymagorry; Mairgead Marie McShane, Ballymagorry; Andrenna Clarke, Ballymagorry; Derek William Clarke, Ballymagorry; Thomas Gerald Magee and Mary Magee, Ardstraw; The Trustees of Burndennett, Cricket Club; Edward Montgomery The Honourable The Irish Society; James McKean, Ballymagorry; Robert McKean, Ballymagorry; Derick Donnell, Ballymagorry; Fredrick Hall Donnell, Ballymagorry; Sylvia Donnell, Ballymagorry; Elaine Parker, Ballymagorry; Glen Parker, Ballymagorry; Noel Edwards, Strabane; Joseph Edwards, Ballymagorry; Neil Gerard Edwards, Ballymagorry; William Thomas Boyd, Ballymagorry; Sandra Heywood, Ballymagorry; Wesley Heywood, Ballymagorry; Personal Representative of Susan Edwards Deceased Neil Gerard Edwards, Ballymagorry; Sydney Gamble, Strabane; Richard Ian Gamble, Bready; Frances Harper, Strabane; Robin Fredrick Cummings, Strabane; Avril Cavanagh, Strabane; Debra Juliet Murray, Eglinton; John Joseph Murray, Eglinton; Paul Cavanagh, Strabane; Mitchell Gourley Cummings, Strabane; Kieran Murphy, Strabane; Norma Murphy, Strabane; Patrick Hegarty, Strabane; Ellen Margaret Hegarty, Strabane; Samantha Boyd, Strabane; Stephen Boyd, Strabane; Heather Cummings, Strabane; Elizabeth Witherow, Strabane; Robin Cummings, Strabane.