Taxman and rates office file against 3 city pub owners

The Bound For Boston.
The Bound For Boston.

Petitions to wind-up three companies behind popular Londonderry pubs are scheduled to be heard at the Belfast High Court on Thursday (September 4).

Two of the petitions were launched by the rates office; a third by the taxman.

According to three separate notices published in the Belfast Gazette, petitions against Bennigans Limited, E. Connolly (Publicans) Limited - the company behind the Longfield Inn, and Rosses Limited - the company behind the Bound For Boston - will be heard.

A petition to wind up Bennigans Limited, of 2 Carlisle Terrace, was presented on June 24, by the Commissioners of Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC), which claimed to be a creditor of the company. Meanwhile, a petition to wind up E. Connolly (Publicans) Limited was presented by the Department of Finance and Personnel, Land and Property Services (Rating) on June 5.

A separate petition was also presented by the rates office against Rosses Limited. on the same date.