Tasers used against teenagers 43 times

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The Police Service of Northern Ireland have used tasers on teenagers on 43 occasions since the introduction of the weapon in 2008.

On only two occasions was the weapon fired and in the majority of instances the red dot laser was aimed at subjects who were aged under 18.

According to the PSNI, tasers were drawn five times, they were aimed four times, they were fired twice, and the red dot was activated in deployments against teenagers 32 times.

The PSNI revealed the information in response to a Freedom of Information request.

Whilst ‘firing’ and ‘aiming’ of the weapons are self-explanatory terms, ‘red dot’ refers to when the weapon is not fired but instead, the taser is deliberately aimed and then partially activated so that a laser red dot is placed onto the subject.

‘Drawn,’ means the drawing of the taser in circumstances where any person could reasonably perceive the action to be a use of force.