SVP making 10-12 weekly ‘crisis’ visits in Limavady

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Volunteers for the charitable Saint Vincent de Paul Society are visiting around 10 or 12 families in a crisis situation in Limavady every week.

The Limavady St. Vincent De Paul helped distributed £47,408 to the needy, disadvantaged and vulnerable of all denominations within the Limavady Parish boundary during 2013.

Local volunteer, Eilis Gormley, told the Sentinel that “there is huge need for our services in Limavady as each week our members visit on average 10 to 12 families and individuals and assist them if they are in a crisis situation.” She added: “This can be with food, fuel, household items or cash/vouchers but we will also talk to them with dignity and respect and listen to their needs. We will signpost them to other organisations that can help them with debt, family support services or counselling etc.”

She continued: “Our service is vital for the needy in limavady we are a lifeline for many families in a crisis situation. With the implementation of changes in welfare reform in 2014 most families on benefits will be £900 per year worse off so we anticipate that the need for our services in the future will be even greater. a key objective of SVP is enabling people to move from needing a handout to managing without us, so we do try to focus on actions that help people get out of poverty rather than survive in poverty.

Stephen Keown of the Limavady Saint Vincent De Paul added: “Limavady St. Vincent de Paul Society would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all who contributed so generously to our annual Christmas Appeal, which raised a total of £6,119. All your donations go directly to families and individuals in need, as administration costs are paid for by members’ contributions. We also wish to thank our many benefactor s.”