Surgery forced to cancel appointments

A LONDONDERRY GP surgery was forced to cancel routine appointments over the Christmas period after a burst pipe left it without water.

The Aberfoyle Surgery on the Strand Road prioritised patients with emergency and urgent appointments.

Dr Orla Quigley said they were trying to run the service but there were limitations because they had no running water.

"We've had as much bottled water brought in as we can and we're using sanitising gel," she said.

She said that queries would be answered as normal over the phone, but urged anyone with a routine query to put it off if possible.

Northern Ireland Water said the surgery was affected by a burst water main on the quay at Strand Road in Derry.

"It's lifting the road at the moment," Alwyn Hogg from the company said. "We're trying to bring alternate water supplies in to feed the Strand Road area."