Strathfoyle frustrated at health study delay

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Local residents in the Strathfoyle area are becoming increasingly frustrated at the fact that a long-awaited Health Impact Assessment into the effects of industry in the area has yet to be published, several months after its completion.

Paul Hughes, speaking on behalf of the Enagh Youth Forum, said: “Back in July we were informed that the report has been challenged by the Foyle Port, however we have heard nothing from Council in recent months.

“We believe that the report should now be published as a matter of urgency and we are currently seeking our own legal advice to see how this issue can be best progressed.”

Last August this paper reported how Foyle Port’s lawyers had written to Derry City and Strabane District Council challenging what it called a fundamentally flawed report into whether the residential communities of Maydown, Strathfoyle and Culmore might be experiencing adverse health effects as a result of exposure to industrial activity.