Stop lectures and back new police superforce

News Letter 1st September 1994
News Letter 1st September 1994

DUP MP Gregory Campbell says Sinn Féin should support a new UK-wide police superforce to tackle organised crime, strengthen borders, fight fraud and protect children if it really wants to ‘step out of the shadow of dissidents.’

The East Londonderry MP made the comments after Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness said unionist leaders needed to engage in similar initiatives to his meetings with Queen Elizabeth II.

Mr McGuinness made the comments in Londonderry on the 20th anniversary of the 1994 Provisional IRA ceasefire.

But Mr Campbell responded: “Rather than Martin McGuinness lecturing unionists, he should step out of the shadow of dissidents and support the full implementation of the National Crime Agency (NCA) in Northern Ireland.

“So far Sinn Féin has blocked the legislative consent motion which is needed to allow this body which fights evils such as human trafficking and child abuse, to fully operate in Ulster.

“Even a leading UN committee has said Northern Ireland’s security against these scourges is weakened by not having the NCA.

“Sinn Féin points the finger of blame at other parties regarding a lack of progress on some issues yet Martin McGuinness fails to address the impact his party’s dogma is having on our economy.

“As Peter Robinson pointed out some weeks ago, ‘each party faces a decision as to whether the benefits of devolution outweigh the financial penalty that the Sinn Fein cuts impose upon our community as frontline services are challenged.’”

Mr Campbell also said that there was no difference between the terrorism of today and the terrorism of 1994.

Said Mr Campbell: “He made no mention about the innocent census worker, Miss Joanne Mathers who was murdered by the PIRA in Londonderry in 1981 as well as hundreds of others. McGuinness is right to urge dissidents to move away from terrorism.

“Their actions are wholly wrong and immoral in the same way the PIRA was wholly wrong and immoral.”