Stendhal picks up three Irish Festival Awards

The Stendhal Festival has picked up three gongs at the Irish Festival Awards - best small festival, family festival award and best line-up.

The 2014 Stendhal built on the runaway success of the previous festivals, with organisers announcing that it was their biggest, most successful event ever.

Organisers said that attendance figures showed that the popular Limavady festival has increased its audience by as much as 40 per cent in comparison with the 2013 event. The Stendhal Festival of Art had also witnessed a huge increase back in 2013 on the audience at the previous year’s event. In fact, the numbers of people coming to Stendhal have increased substantially every single year since it began in 2011.

Event director Ross Parkhill, speaking shortly after the conclusion of the multiple-award winning 2014 festival, said: “We are so pleased that so many people came along to enjoy Stendhal again. From an organisational stand-point it was one of our most challenging years as it was the first time we had incredibly wet weather to deal with, however after we sorted out the issues that brought along with it, everyone forgot about the mud and had a great time, which is what this is all about.”

Head of communications John Cartwright, also speaking shortly after the festival finished up in the summer, said: “It was easily the biggest one yet. We had the most acts, most stages, most little areas throughout the site, and the most people through the gates. It was the biggest one by a long way.”