Spruce up for dingy and dark city corners

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The Department for Communities wants the people of Londonderry to have their say on how best to spruce up the darker and dingier parts of the Walled City, which, it acknowledges, can be off-putting for citizens and visitors alike.

WYG and The Paul Hogarth Company have been appointed to develop proposals for improving the streetscape adjacent to the City Walls, including Linenhall Street, Bank Place, Union Hall Place, Magazine Street, Magazine Street Upper, Society Street and Palace Street.

“The existing streetscape environment is not in good condition and in part has poor lighting which affects its evening use,” the Department declared, as it opened a summer-long public consultation on its proposals on Monday, June 20.

“Over the last few years a number of environmental improvement works have been undertaken in nearby areas and there is now an opportunity to upgrade the streetscape within this area.

“These streets are important with a high heritage value as they create the setting for a large section of the historic City Walls,” the Department believes.

“The proposals are intended to regenerate the streetscape with new high quality stone surfacing, new kerb alignment to improve the streets for pedestrians, new lighting, public art and the introduction of a public space on Society Street.

“It is anticipated that these works will improve the appearance of the area, increase safety, provide space for residents and visitors alike and encourage economic investment.

“Regeneration of this nature has a track record for revitalising an area, improving existing and attracting new business,” it adds.

From now until August 28 presentation boards on the proposals will be available to view at the Tower Museum.

There will be an opportunity to review the proposals and answer a short questionnaire to help the Department understand how the scheme will affect the public.

On June 28 from 2pm to 5.30pm a workshop will take place in the Tower Museum with the designers to discuss the project and answer any questions the public may have. It’s anticipated construction of the scheme will commence in late 2017 or early 2018 and will be completed within the period of one year.