Sport against sectarianism

REPRESENTATIVES of Bonds Glen Cricket Club, Priorians Hockey Club and John Mitchel’s Gaelic Athletic Club (GAC) will tomorrow reflect on an ongoing drive to encourage young Protestants and Catholics to reject sectarianism and racism at a special celebration event in Londonderry.

The overarching aim of the RESPECT Project is to ‘build and develop an understanding and acceptance of the Good Relations issues within sport and an engagement across sports that will strengthen peace building at a grass roots level.’

Sports and community officer Gary McClean explained that tomorrow evening’s celebration event in the Waterside Theatre is an ‘important milestone” for the project.

Jack McFarland of Bonds Glen CC, Quintin O’Kane of John Mitchel’s GAC and Kathryn Rough of Priorians will all talk about their involvement.

“We have recently completed RESPECT with 15 sports clubs from the Derry City Council area and will finalise this current piece of work with the presentation of First Aid and Child Protection Training Certificates and RESPECT Training Kit to those participant Clubs and their representatives,” explained Mr McClean.