Splinter group releases alleged informant recruitment conversation

A republican splinter organisation formed after Sinn Féin voted to back the PSNI in 2007 claims to have recorded an intelligence agent trying to recruit a member as an informer.

The Republican Network for Unity (RNU) has published a recording between what it says was an intelligence services officer and an activist.

During the recording a man can be heard stating that £200 will be paid to the prospective informant for an initial meeting of just 15 minutes.

The man in the recording explains he is interested in certain people within Óglaigh na hÉireann and RNU.

The people who recorded the conversation have muted the names of individuals mentioned.

Back in November the Sentinel reported British spy chief Andrew Parker’s confirmation MI5 have been running the intelligence operation against dissident republicans with a heavy commitment of resources since the St Andrew’s Agreement.