Speeding cyclists condemned by Ilex

Peace Bridge.
Peace Bridge.

ILEX has condemned speeding cyclists for risking accidents on Londonderry’s new Peace Bridge. Paul Doherty of Ilex said: “In recent weeks an increasing number of cyclists have been speeding over the Peace Bridge and through Ebrington. We’re seriously concerned about public safety and if cyclists don’t slow down, there could be an accident.”

“The speed limit for all vehicles on these shared spaces is 5mph and we urge everyone to respect this when approaching and when passing over the Peace Bridge and Ebrington. On this, National Bike Week, we appeal for those cycling to be mindful of those on foot by slowing down, so that everyone can enjoy these much loved spaces.”

Sustrans cycling charity representative, Ross McGill, echoed Ilex’s concerns adding: “The Peace Bridge and the shared-use paths are a great way to get around by bike in the city, but they’re also used by many pedestrians.

“We all have responsibility for the safety of others when we are sharing spaces. It’s important not to startle other people, particularly those who have reduced sight, hearing or mobility. The tranquillity of these areas is something people value greatly, and all path users need to respect this.

“Cyclists tend to be the fastest movers on these paths, but these routes aren’t suitable for high speeds so it’s important to keep cycling speed under control. Remember that they are for sharing, not for speeding. If you wish to travel quickly, train for fitness or record personal best times, this is better done on quiet roads.”