Spare a thought for hard-up NW birdlife

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A local environmental conservation group has asked people to spare a thought for local bird life and always follow the country code when rambling in the North West countryside as we approach the end of what’s been another cold and wet spring.

Dermot McLaughlin, Chair of Wild Inishowen, a group of people dedicated to the conservation and preservation of the rich diversity of habitats on the peninsula, said: “As we are all aware the North West has experienced a cold wet spring, with biting north easterly winds and heavy rainfall, combined with damaging night frosts.

“This has resulted in delayed growth, a lack of nest cover, and resulting food shortage for many bird species with increased vulnerability to predators.

“All birds, their nests and young are protected by the Wild Life Act, and it is an offence to wilfully interfere or disturb their nests.

“Birds of prey are especially protected and any approach to their nests can only be done by licence from the relevant department.

“We would appeal to all people using the countryside at this very sensitive time of year to respect and protect our wonderful natural heritage by observing all of above.

“Remember the country code, respect land owners rights, keep disturbance to minimum, so all can continue to enjoy our beautiful countryside.”