Soccer and sock damaged e-tag

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A man has appeared in court in Londonderry after damaging his electronic tag in, what his solicitor referred to as, “a sock related incident.”

Conan Harkin of Dove Gardens was charged with causing £124.50 damage to the tag, which was owned by G4S Security.

The court heard that police attended the 23-year-old’s home on December 29 after reports from G4S that damage had been caused to the tag on December 24.

His solicitor told the court that the damage had been caused in a “sock related incident,” explaining that it had become loose when Harkin was playing football earlier that day.

As he had been changing to take a shower after the football, the tag had come off with his sock.

The solicitor said his client had been wearing the tag for several months and there had been no issues with it before. The tag has now been reinstated.

District Judge Barney McElholm fined Harkin £200 and ordered him to pay £124.50 compensation to G4S. He quipped: “At least he’s not telling me the dog ate it.”