Sinn Féin organise ‘Day of Action’ in support of #Remain campaign

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Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson has encouraged people to take part in a “day of action” in support of the campaign for the United Kingdom to remain in the European Union.

The party has organised the series of events for Saturday, June 18.

Ms Anderson said: “Sinn Féin activists will be staging a day of action in cities, towns and villages across the North tomorrow in support of our campaign calling on people to vote to remain in the EU.

“There is no doubt that a Brexit would be bad for business, bad for investment, bad for farmers, bad for workers and human rights, bad for communities and bad for Irish unity.

“It has the potential to entrench partition and would hamper trade and investment across Ireland.

“We are an all-Ireland party. We are the only party with MEPs elected in each of the four European constituencies in Ireland. We speak with one voice, an all-Ireland voice in the EU.

“Sinn Féin critically engages with the European Union and we want to build a progressive, prosperous and social EU which is more democratic and accountable.

“We are campaigning vigorously against Brexit and I am asking people to take part in our day of action calling on people to vote Remain on June 23.”