Sick baby charity to host library session

TinyLife the premature and sick baby charity is appealing for Family Support and Fundraising volunteers in Londonderry.

Stephanie Patterson, Head of Family Support Services said: “We urgently need to recruit more volunteers. Every day in Northern Ireland seven babies are born too soon.

“Last year our TinyLife Family Support volunteers provided approximately 10,000 hours of practical and emotional support to parents of sick and premature babies.

“Some of these babies arrived as early as 24 weeks weighing as little as 1lb! It is a stressful time for parents having spent several months in neo natal care. Our fully trained Family Support Volunteers play a vital role in helping to care for these tiny babies – could you be one of them?”

Shiela McCusker has been volunteering with TinyLife for the past year.

She said: “I absolutely love every second of it, the training was first class and I have been matched with two wonderful families with premature twins. I would encourage anyone who loves babies, and can offer a morning or an afternoon a week to get in touch with TinyLife and get involved. “The experience has given me new life. I get so much more out than I put in.”

Valerie Cromie, Head of Fundraising and Communication commented: “The Family Support Services are provided at no cost to families, it is therefore vital that we recruit more fundraising volunteers to help us maintain and extend our services.

“We have established Friends of TinyLife fundraising groups across Northern Ireland and are keen to welcome new members in Country Londonderry. “Our groups meet on a monthly basis to help plan and organise fun and innovative fundraising events. Alternatively if that is too much of a commitment we are keen to hear from anyone willing to help out with evening or weekend fundraising activities.”

If you would like to find out more TinyLife will be holding an info session in the Central Library on September 17 at 10.30am. Contact Brian McCluskey on: 07802 655621 or reserve a place at