Shopping centre in Donegal to be sold for €550k

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If you fancy going shopping for some shops and have a spare half-a-million lying around get to the RDS in Dublin on May 11, where a Donegal shopping centre is set to go under the hammer with a reserve of €550,000.

The Saimer Court Shopping Centre in Ballyshannon, which comprises thirteen shops and three offices will be auctioned by Allsop Ireland.

Most of the shops are empty but two remain occupied by a discount store and a fine art and framing specialist.

The shopping centre is located in the middle of the County Donegal town, overlooking the River Erne.

It’s named after an island at the mouth of river, where, legend has it, the first ever inhabitant of Ireland, Partholón arrived from Migdonia in Ancient Thrace, 22 years before Abraham was born.

“It is the place where Partholón dwelt at first in Ireland, in Inis Saimher, near to Eirne. It is why it was called Inis Saimher; a lap-dog or hound-whelp which Partholón had, which was named Saimher; and he killed it through jealousy with his wife, who committed misconduct with her own attednant,” as Geoffrey Keating wrote in his Foras Feasa ar Eirinn.

The shopping centre named in their honour has a reserve range of €550,000 - €625,000.