Shankill victim rejects equivalence

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Shankill bomb victim Alan McBride says the equation of IRA bomber Thomas Begley with his wife who lost her life in the 1993 atrocity is “offensive.”

He made the comments during an ‘Uncomfortable Conversations’, event that took place as part of the 2015 Gasyard Wall Féile on Wednesday.

He said: “I disagree that my wife’s name on the same page as Thomas Begley the man who killed her.

“Do I recognise that Thomas Begley’s mother lost a son and has suffered, yes I do. But, to say he is the same as my wife - I find that offensive.”

Chief Constable George Hamilton also attended the event on the same day the UUP signalled its intention of leaving the Executive.

“People have questioned the appropriateness of my attendance here tonight, but I am not shying away from having uncomfortable conversations. We share a troubled past. So many people in this city have suffered loss. They have heartbreaking stories from our dark history as raw today as when the hurt first occurred.”