Several Council positions filled

SDLP councillor Gerard Diver will chair a new Governance and Strategic Planning Committee (VC Brian McMahon SF); Sinn Féin councillor Kieran McGuire, will chair a new Planning committee (VC Brian Tierney SDLP); Sinn Féin councillor Paul Fleming will chair a new Resources and Finance Committee (VC Rhonda Hamilton DUP); and SDLP councillor Patsy Kelly will chair a new Services Convergence and Transformation Committee (VC Eric McGinley SF).

The committees were filled by members of the parties according to their mandates calculated according to their first preference weightings.

Indpendent Gary Donnelly will serve on Resources and Finance and Planning. Dermot Quigley will serve on Services Convergence and Transformation alongside Paul Gallagher.

Darren O’Reilly will also serve on the new Planning Committee.