Searches for Londonderry man Jack Glenn enter a fourth week

Searches are ongoing for 23-year-old Jack Glenn.
Searches are ongoing for 23-year-old Jack Glenn.

As the search to find 23-year-old Jack Glenn from Londonderry enters a fourth week, his heartbroken family have paid tribute to the volunteers and agencies who have helped them.

Jack’s father Colin paid heartfelt thanks ahead of searches this weekend.

Jack, who has been missing since February 2, is believed to have entered the River Foyle and emergency services have been conducting a land and water-based search operation ever since.

Colin Glenn said what’s keeping the family going is the support of the public.

“The support is just amazing. I don’t know what we would do without it. It’s hard going, but we won’t give up until we get Jack back,” said Colin.

He said the support they’ve had isn’t just from the city, but the whole country.

“It would be near impossible to thank everyone,” he said.

Colin said he’s been out searching every day and night since his son, a talented sportsman, went missing.

He said Thursday night was the first night he’d missed due to what he described as exhaustion.

“At the start of a search there are so many people helping, you think you’re going to have Jack back that night but you just feel gutted at the end. It’s totally demoralising.”

Jack’s uncle, Wayne Glenn said this weekend divers from Co. Meath and The Boyne Diving Club will join the searches along with the PSNI, Foyle Search and Rescue and Lough Neagh Search and Rescue.

Wayne said they would also be using drones during this weekend’s searches. A number of “static searches” along the search routes have also been planned where volunteers will be stationed in specific areas for a number of hours.

“It’s a big effort into the fourth week. We really need to get Jack back as soon as possible,” said Wayne. “We’ll be out on Sunday again too.”

Wayne added: “We never thought for a minute we would be searching for this long.”

Wayne urged anyone else with the free time to help out over the coming days if they can.

For details about the search operation and how to volunteer see the Facebook page Getjackback