Schivo says bargaining deal doesn’t exist and accuses Unite of bullying

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The new owner of Maydown Precision Engineering (MPE) has accused Unite of attempting to bully the firm into adhering to its agenda and says a collective bargaining agreement the trade union claims has been breached doesn’t exist.

Schivo, which acquired the long-standing Londonderry manufacturing, hit out after the union protested outside its facilities in Maydown and Waterford on Thursday, August 27.

The union claims management has breached a recognition agreement by refusing to engage with the union over the transfer or redundancies.

But Schivo roundly denies the claim, and says there is no such aggreement.

“We are very disappointed that the Unite trade union is targeting Schivo’s workforce with these negative, unwarranted protests,” a spokesman said.

“Schivo has not breached any agreement with the Unite trade union, despite the union’s repeated claims that we have.

“There was no such agreement in place between any union and the previously named MPE company that Schivo acquired.

“On many occasions Unite has been asked to provide evidence of this agreement. The union has failed to do so,” the spokesman added.

The spokesman pointed out that it actually came on the scene during the summer as a ‘white knight’ when the local factory was about to go under.

“Schivo acquired MPE after it effectively went out of business in July of this year. “At that point in time the company employed 133 people.

“As must be obvious when a failing company is saved, a level of restructuring is required. “To that end Schivo announced two weeks ago that it would be making 14 staff at the Derry facility redundant.

“This process is being carried out in line with all appropriate legislative guidelines and we sympathise with those affected,” the spokesman said.

The firm went on to accuse Unite of negative bullying tactics.

“But rather than celebrate the saving of 119 jobs, Unite prefers to obstruct Schivo’s attempts to turn around the facility in Derry and attempt to bully us into adhering to their agenda with these protests in Derry and Waterford. They will not succeed.

“Schivo will continue to communicate directly with our workforce about plans to grow the company.

“We will also concentrate on meeting the needs of our customers.

“This is the best way to continue the impressive legacy of aerospace manufacturing in Derry and ensure a vibrant future for the facility.”