Salmond enjoyed ‘Remain’ canvass in city

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Scotland’s former First Minister Alex Salmond has said he had a fantastic response from everyone in Londonderry for a ‘Remain’ vote in the upcoming EU referendum on June 23.

The ex-leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) was speaking after joining the SDLP on a city centre canvass on Friday afternoon.

Mr Salmond tweeted afterwards: “Great time campaigning the positive case for Europe in Derry… Fantastic response from everyone.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the singing in Derry too!”

Foyle MP Mark Durkan said: “It was great to welcome Alex Salmond to Derry.

“Alex is someone who is a proven, formidable campaigner for Europe who is making such a positive pitch for the ‘Remain’ campaign.

“He was strong in his message, credibly measured in his arguments, sensitive to local perspectives, and colourful in his appeal to voters.”