Roy thankful after first run of a Fountain rollercoaster

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I’m told it’s good advice never to say never again but at the moment when people ask me “When are you going to do it again?” I really want to say “Never again!”

It might be my age but I have never been so knackered!

The Fountain musical has dominated my life for two years, writing the script, arranging and recording the songs and then moving into rehearsals in September.

A theatrical friend of mine said “Welcome to hell!” when I told her we were starting rehearsals. She was right!

How and ever, I must look at the positive side of things. We had a great cast, director, producer and choreographer, the show sold out for four nights and we had standing ovations every night. Couldn’t be bad to that.

I learned along time ago that songs and stories don’t really exist until they are shared with an audience.

Something magical happens when a group of people are joined in the one moment by a song or a story.

I can write a song, rehearse it and polish it, but until people give it their attention and hopefully their approval, it doesn’t matter much.

So I would sincerely like to thank everybody who came to the Mem and gave the show their attention and approval. It’s a special thing for an artist to feel such warmth in their home town.

We had to have feedback sheets for the main funders, thank you Arts Council NI and Office of the First Minster and Deputy First Minister.

Some interesting stuff emerged from the feedback. Turns out the audience was approx one third from the Protestant, Unionist community, one third from the Catholic, Nationalist community and one third who didn’t want to be aligned with any of the two main traditions here.

I know we had a Garda Superintendent, a Roman Catholic priest, some Republican and Loyalist ex prisoners, Quakers, shakers, rakers and assorted ne’er do wells! All in all an eclectic audience and I’m glad to say everyone had a great experience. Many people said to me how great it was that we used a young cast to tell the story and I remember thinking if we want a glimpse of what a shared future could look like, here it was.

Stephanie from the Fountain and and Sophie from Donegal, Annie from Antrim and Ero from Greece. Talented, energetic young people working together through the difficulties and creative differences and producing a creative and harmonious piece of work. I salute them. Thanks as well to The Society Social Club, the Siege Museum, the Inner City Trus,t the Maldron Hotel and the Sandwich Company. We also had many volunteers who we couldn’t have done without. So thanks to everybody who supported the project and I swear I will never say never again, again!