Ross praises TUV’s prickly party leader

VETERAN Londonderry unionist William Ross told the Traditional Unionist Voice (TUV) conference recently that party leader Jim Allister is not merely a thorn in the flesh of the Northern Ireland Executive but a cactus inside their shirts and minds.

He accused members of the Executive of “having a huge ego to protect” and of losing “their Office and its trappings” and “the limited power that SF/IRA allows them to exercise.”

“Most of course are deeply attached to their salary,” the Dungiven-based TUV President said. “Politics should not be about these baubles and personal welfare.”

He added: “Politicians are there to look after the welfare of the people who elected them and to care not only about the short-term but to ensure the long-term welfare of the whole nation and its members.

“Anyone watching the unfolding strategy of SF/IRA and Irish nationalism in general can see that at every level they are engaged in a constant attack on the fabric of the Union, snipping it apart thread by thread.

“Furthermore, they are at the same time creating new cords to bind Northern Ireland into the Irish Republic and its culture.”

The former Londonderry MP and Ulster Unionist Party (UUP) leadership contender said that Northern Ireland’s ties to Britain were being gradually eroded whilst at the same time its links with the Irish Republic were being strengthened.

But he approved Mr Allister’s one-man opposition to this tendency in the Northern Ireland Assembly.

“Jim, you said you would be a thorn in their flesh. In fact you are a great big cactus inside their shirts and inside minds. It is my prayer, and hope, that the Unionists of Ulster will be heartened by what one man is doing.

“That they rise from the dungeon of despair into which they were cast by present and past political chameleons who betrayed them.

“That they will behave as their ancestors did and restore our land to its former happy constitutional stability.

“From my own contacts with a wide cross section of Unionist people it is clear that more and more of them recognize that we are right.

“We have to convince those many thousands who agree with us that they can change things for the better by voting for TUV - the only Party determined to bring about change. When they do, what a happy bring new day will dawn. Let us all work to bring it about!” he proclaimed.