Reunion for The Fountain originals

Ivan Bell, Sharon Wells, Kathleen Hughes and Cathleen Whiteford. INLS4315-102KM
Ivan Bell, Sharon Wells, Kathleen Hughes and Cathleen Whiteford. INLS4315-102KM

A reunion of original residents from Fountain Street and Fountain Place is being planned for next year - by some of the people who grew up there.

Planned to take place on August 6, it is also planned that the reunion will feature a book launch, the working title for which is ‘The Fountain of Life’.

The book is being collated by Sharon Wells, formerly Wilson, and the plan is to record the memories of those who grew up in the area before they are lost to time.

“We are appealing for old pictures and memories or stories from The Fountain and we are hoping to be able to produce a book about people’s memories and the characters who lived in the original Fountain area before it all changed,” said Sharon.

Sharon grew up in 12 Victoria Street, committee member Ivan Bell lived at 53 Fountain Street, Cathleen Whiteford at 82 Fountain Street and Kathleen Hughes grew up in 24 Fountain Place.

“We are looking for people to come forward and work with us; people who were original Fountain area residents. The Fountain originals,” said Kathleen Hughes.

“The reunion and book launch is Sharon’s idea and she approached us to get involved.

“Anybody planning to come home for holidays can maybe plan their trip to coincide with the reunion, rather than make a special journey just to attend.”

“We are appealing for information from the pre-1971 era. There was a fantastic community in The Fountain area before people moved out to Newbuildings, into the Waterside and out to Drumahoe, and it would be brilliant to have all that history and memories recorded.

“Anyone who would like to be involved can email or telephone 07752693387.”