Residents concerned at sludge buildup

Ponding at Roemill, Limavady
Ponding at Roemill, Limavady

Limavady DUP councillor Alan Robinson has written to the Department for Regional Development Minister asking if cyclical maintenance is carried out in storm gullies in the Limavady Borough.

He said: “Following the recent wet weather conditions I have been tasked to a number of residential areas regarding kerbside ponding. In most instances it would appear that the cause has been quite simply due to the build-up of debris and sludge within the gully therefore preventing the free flow of storm water.

“It has been asked by residents if there is a repeated cleaning/clearing schedule throughout the Limavady Borough to help alleviate the potential for such ponding. With wet weather conditions being predicted to continue in the longer term residents are concerned that these ponding occurrences will become the norm.

“I fully appreciate that Departmental budgets are stretched, that necessary works are prioritised and that Roads Service staff do a tremendous job in a difficult financial climate but residents are asking that the Department take into consideration the costs to clear up be weighed up against the costs to carry out routine cleaning.”