Removal of flag from Eglinton Orange Hall condemned

Councillor Paul Fleming.
Councillor Paul Fleming.

Londonderry Sinn Féin councillor Paul Fleming has condemned the theft of a flag from Eglinton Orange Hall.

Speaking after a flag was taken from the Orange Hall at Coolafinny Road and replaced with a 32 Country Sovereignty Movement flag, Councillor Fleming said, he hoped the incident would not raise community tension in the area.

The Rural representative said: “Flags and symbols should be treated with respect and the theft of this flag must be condemned.

“We want to create a culture of tolerance and actions like this do nothing to contribute to that.”

Mr Fleming said that the removal of the flag was comparable to the destruction of flags on bonfires.

“This is no different to the destruction of tricolours on loyalist bonfires,” he continued.

“I hope this will not do anything to raise community tensions in the area and I would appeal for the return of this flag to its owners,” he added.