Rally to send message: 'We don't want another Omagh'

LONDONDERRY is being asked to come out in protest at the recent spate of violent republican bombings in the city with a leading trade unionist stressing the importance of sending the culprits the clear message: "We don't want another Omagh."

Londonderry Trades Council has called a rally at Guildhall Square for 1pm on Friday and is asking as many people as possible to attend.

Secretary of Londonderry Trades Council Liam Gallagher called on people to send a clear message to the bombers that another futile campaign of violence is not wanted.

"Derry Trade Unions Council is calling on everyone: trade unions, schools, churches, political parties, taxi-drivers, local businesses, pensioners and the unemployed to join us at a protest rally at 1pm on Friday at Guildhall Square to protest at the continued bombing in the city," he said.

The trade unionist said it was imperative people sent out a clear message to the various IRA splinter groups intent on continuing a violent campaign.

"We want to say the following to them. One, we don't want the real possibility of another Omagh scale tragedy in this city," he stated.

"Two, we do not want taxi-drivers and their families threatened to take bombs to targets in the city.

"Three, we do not want businesses destroyed and people put out of work.

"Four, we do not want old people moved out of residential homes and people moved out of their private homes as a result of bomb scares.

"Five, we do not want to spend hours in traffic chaos.

"Six, and finally, we do not want young people sucked into a violent campaign that will lead nowhere.

"We have voted for peace and we are about building up business and employment prospects.

"We want to give young people a future of hope and prosperity which eluded the last generation that lived through the past 40 years.

"It is important we send that message out loud and clear on Friday and we would invite everyone to attend," he added.