Rally against Syria strikes planned for War Memorial

The War Memorial in the Diamond, Derry. DERR3715GS099
The War Memorial in the Diamond, Derry. DERR3715GS099

The Derry Anti War Coalition will hold a rally in opposition to military strikes on Syria at the Diamond War Memorial at 6pm.

A spokeperson said a strike on Syria would in effect mean the Government leading us into a fourth war in 14 years.

“The conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya have been an unmitigated disaster. These wars have killed millions and left the largest refugee crisis the world has ever seen.

“As the Paris attacks showed we are no safer - in fact the disastrous Foreign Policy decisions of successive UK governments have left us much less safe, home and abroad.

“In Syria, the US, Russia and France are already bombing so called Islamic State targets.

“In reality this means bombing cities like Raqqa, reported to be an Islamic State strong hold. Raqqa has a population over twice the size of Derry. “Innocent people are being slaughtered as the bombs rain down on it from all sides.

“The people of Raqqa not only have to live under the barbarism of ISIS but they have to try and survive under almost constant bombardment from those who would use their suffering as a pretext for war.”

The spokesperson said the destruction of Iraq and Libya by western military intervention brought about the rise of ISIS and suggested bombing

Syria will further destabilise the region.

“The British government has a key ally in the area. Saudi Arabia receive billions of pounds in weapons sales from the UK every year. Their brand of Islam - Wahhabism - is the template for ISIS.

“The funding for ISIS comes directly from Saudi Arabia. The oil rich family run country is the least democratic and most oppressive regime in the world yet their King has access to the corridors of power in Washington and London.

“British politicians who use the disgusting beheading and executions carried out by Islamic State as a justification for war simply look the other way when Saudi Arabia carry out the same stone age punishments.

“No British politician can cite human rights abuses as an excuse to bomb Syria and still continue to support oil rich despots in other countries. “The Middle East and the whole world are sick of this hypocrisy. The people of Yemen are paying for this hypocrisy with their lives as British made missiles destroy their cities in a sectarian war launched by Saudi Arabia and barely covered in the Western Media,” the spokesperson added.