Rainy Boy Sleep tribute from Stendhal organisers

Stevie Martin, a.k.a Rainy Boy Sleep.
Stevie Martin, a.k.a Rainy Boy Sleep.

The organisers of the Stendhal Festival of Art in Limavady have paid tribute to Stevie Martin, a local musician whose body was discovered off the coast of County Sligo over the weekend.

Mr Martin, 29, who performed under the stage name Rainy Boy Sleep, was last seen in Londonderry about three weeks ago. His car was discovered last week near Fanad lighthouse in Co Donegal.

He had been living in Limavady for years, although he was originally from Lifford in County Donegal.

His body was discovered on Strand Hill beach, County Sligo on Saturday.

The organisers of the Stendhal Festival of Art, which took place over the weekend in Limavady, have paid tribute to their “wonderful friend”.

Stevie had performed on numerous occasions during previous years of the Stendhal Festival.

Event Director Ross Parkhill said: “In the grand scheme of things this will always be remembered as an incredibly bittersweet year for us.

“The success of the event will always be tinged with sadness as the team up here have lost a wonderful friend in Stevie Martin. He was an incredibly popular, respected and loved young man in these parts, with talent to burn.

“He breathed new life into Limavady’s local music scene when he arrived in town ten years ago and gave hope and inspiration to anyone from here that hard work and talent would pay off.

“We were privileged to have him play at many times for us at Stendhal, at the event itself and some other smaller gigs we ran in Limavady over the years. We always thought that one day his name on the bill alone would sell us out, he was that good.

“He will be sorely missed and lovingly remembered as an unassuming gentleman with a dry wit and an insatiable love for music and performing and we extend our love, thoughts and prayers to his family in Lifford and to people here in Limavady whose lives he touched and illuminated in a way only he could.”