Put waste pipe outside Lough Foyle: candidate

Lough Foyle. (1006PG70)
Lough Foyle. (1006PG70)

A Fianna Fáil hopeful in the forthcoming local elections says Donegal County Council should reconsider its plan to pipe sewerage from Moville and Greencastle into Lough Foyle.

Mary McCauley, who is seeking election to the Council in the Inishowen electoral area, wants the outflow pipe from a proposed new treatment plant to be pumped into the open sea north of Greencastle instead.

Ms McCauley, who lives in the area, said she would support the diversion on Wednesday (May 7), after being contacted by members of the Community for a Clean Estuary (CFCE).

CFCE says the statement completes the “unanimous belief of all political parties in the Inishowen peninsula in relation to the location of this project and must surely send a very strong and clear message to Irish Water and the Loughs Agency.”

Mr McCauley says she understands the current lack of sewage facilities in the area is something that needs to be addressed.

However, she accepts the local residents’ concerns.

“I particularly am aware of the many concerns raised with regard to the Council’s proposed site for the outflow pipe in the Foyle estuary and submissions put forward as to the dangers that this could have for ensuring that emissions from the treatment plant would go out to sea and not pose a threat to the Foyle shoreline or beaches.

“In this regard I believe the council should consider proposals for any outflow pipe to be situated north of the Foyle estuary to ensure that all outflow escapes the estuary tides and has a certainty of going straight to sea.”