PSNI urges drivers to be winter ready

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Police in the west are urging motorists to ensure their cars are prepared for winter driving.

Inspector Steve Haslett, commander of Road Policing in the Western part of Northern Ireland, said checks should be carried out before the worst of the winter weather arrives.

He added: “When the frost and snow arrive, it is vital to have good tyres to keep you and other roadusers safe. Check your tyres now to see they meet the legal requirements and don’t forget the spare. A defective tyre could lead to a £60 fine and three penalty points on your licence.

“More importantly, though tyres are your point of contact with the road. Defective, worn or just incorrectly inflated tyres could increase your risk of losing control or reduce your chances of stopping safely in a crisis.

“In the darker mornings and evening, lights are vital. Check them now to ensure that all the bulbs are working.

“If you have fog lights, use them only when the weather is foggy, but remember it is illegal to use these lights at other times. Defective lights, or illegal use of fog lights, can result in a £30 fixed penalty notice.

“Do not forget to keep all the windows clear of frost. That means more than just clearing a porthole to see through the windscreen.

“When the weather does turn nasty, the best form of road safety is a simple one: slow down and keep your distance from the vehicle in front.”