PSNI paid back for film and VIP work

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The PSNI managed to recoup over £1m from a variety of companies and organisations for policing at film locations and providing VIP escorts, amongst other activities, over and above its normal workload over the past two years.

According to the PSNI, £695,200 was recouped in 2012/13, falling back to £627,800 in 2013/14.

The largest amount recouped for both years was for policing the Stormont Estate, which resulted in £997,800 being paid back in total.

Providing VIP escorts resulted in £114,200 being paid back over the two years.

Policing at film locations accounted for £24,700 in total.

The PSNI recouped £176,300 for ‘policing abnormal load.’

And policing MCD Productions’ Tennents Vital event in 2013/14 resulted in £10k being recouped.