Pro-choice MLAs too few, says McCann

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People Before Profit candidate Eamonn McCann says there aren’t enough pro-choice MLAs and has vowed to stand up for women and their “right to choose” if he is returned to the new Assembly.

Speaking at an Alliance for Choice rally in Londonderry on Saturday, April 9, he said: “The person most qualified to make a decision about an unwanted pregnancy is the woman concerned. What right has anybody else to suggest that their conscience should take precedence over hers?

“What right have they to demand that the law support them against her?

“When a woman with an unwanted pregnancy considers the implications for her own life and consults her own conscience and then makes a decision, her decision should be respected. If she decides to carry the pregnancy to full term, she should be supported. If she decides to terminate the pregnancy, she should be supported. Everybody is entitled to have a view. But only she is entitled to decide.

“In the last Assembly, only four MLAs out of 108 supported a woman’s right to choose – Steven Agnew of the Green Party, Anna Lo and Trevor Lunn of Alliance and the former Ulster Unionist Basil McCrea.

“Not one MLA from any of the four biggest parties defended the right to choose.”