Prisoner groups got £14m in out of EU peace roll-out

Prisoner groups got �14m out of latest EU peace roll-out.
Prisoner groups got �14m out of latest EU peace roll-out.

LOYALIST and republican ex-prisoners and their families were the intended beneficiaries of over £14m in EU peace money pumped into Northern Ireland to reinforce a peaceful and stable society since 2007.

Finance Minister Sammy Wilson stated: “PEACE III funding of £14,258,305.43 has been awarded to groups targeting ex-prisoners and their families.”

PEACE III is the EU Programme for Peace and Reconciliation in Northern Ireland and the Border Region of Ireland and covers the period 2007-2013.

Its designed to “promote reconciliation by assisting operations and projects which help to reconcile communities and contribute towards a shared society for everyone.”

Mr Wilson said other groups that work with victims and survivors who are not necessarily ex-prisoners got almost £20m.

“PEACE III Theme 1.2, Acknowledging and Dealing with the Past, has a particular focus on addressing the issues of the past, including the needs of victims and survivors,” he stated.

“To date under this Theme projects specifically targeting victims have been awarded funding of £19,067,354.17.

“In addition, under Theme 1.1, Building Positive Relations, funding of £520,316.36 has been awarded to projects which identify themselves as targeting victims and survivors,” he added.