Pride a '˜display of intolerance'

A prominent cleric in the Free Presbyterian Church has described the Pride movement as 'mainly a display of intolerance and vulgarity'.

Saturday, 4th August 2018, 9:15 am
Updated Sunday, 2nd September 2018, 2:53 am
The Rev Dr Ian Brown minister of the Martyrs Memorial Free Presbyterian Church in Belfast

Rev Ian Brown, of the Martyrs Memorial Church in Belfast, was speaking ahead of the ‘Pride Day’ parade due to take place in Belfast city centre today.

While Rev Brown won’t be taking part in a planned ‘open air witness’ service in opposition to today’s parade, he has given his backing to those intending to do so.

“I won’t be in Belfast because I’m taking a church group to Londonderry for a tour of the Walls, which perhaps exemplifies the fact that my calendar doesn’t revolve around the Pride parade,” he told the News Letter.

“One of the main reasons I won’t be at the parade, and would have similarly resisted all similar shows when I was in Londonderry, where I was a preacher for over 20 years, is that it is mainly a display of intolerance and vulgarity.

“That is always typified by the nature of the placards that are on display each year.”

Rev Brown continued: “And even more typified by the responses that come back from those who are either part of that amalgam, or loosely supportive of it, to even the mildest criticism that appears either in the press or, especially, on social media.”

Rev Brown is giving his backing to members of his church who wish to express their opposition to Pride.

“I know that there will be some that, prior to the parade beginning, have an open-air witness at this event. I would fully endorse and support all that they would do and say at that, because I know what they will do is simply preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

He added: “While I have no support for Pride at all, I wish them no ill as individuals. I pray for them, like all others, that God would give them the acknowledging of the truth and repentance of sin to the salvation of their souls.”