Watch: 32CSM member Gary Donnelly tops poll in Creggan and Bogside

The highest profile independent to be elected to the new Derry and Strabane Council is 32 County Sovereignty Movement member Gary Donnelly, who topped the poll in the Bogside and Creggan area of Londonderry and was elected on the first count this afternoon (May 24).

Mr Donnelly exceeded a quota of 1,143 in The Moor DEA and was deemed elected with his first count total of 1,154.

A total of 20 candidates will seek nine seats on Nenagh MDC

A total of 20 candidates will seek nine seats on Nenagh MDC

Also representing The Moor on the new Council will be Kevin Campbell Sinn Féin (1,104 first preferences); Colin Kelly (775 first preferences); Patricia Logue Sinn Féin (997 first preferences) and Sean Carr SDLP (841 first preferences).

The Creggan and Bogside electors have thus elected as many republicans opposed to the PSNI and the Belfast Agreement as it has members of the SDLP, and it remains to be seen whether Mr Carr will remain within the SDLP given the difficulties his son, Jimmy, experienced over the past week.

The declaration of The Moor DEA early on Saturday (May 24) marked the conclusion of the Derry and Strabane count.

Other independents elected with impressive tallies were Dermot Quigley in Ballyarnett, Darren O’Reilly in Foyleside and Paul Gallagher in Sperrin.

Paul Hughes who ran as an independent in the Faughan DEA outpolled each of three SDLP candidates on first preferences but failed to get elected following the distribution of transfers.