Self-service check in at Altnagelvin

Self-service style kiosks to be used at Altnagelvin.
Self-service style kiosks to be used at Altnagelvin.

Next week patients attending Altnagelvin Hospital will be able to check themselves in for their appointment using state-of-the-art technology.

The Western Trust is introducing state-of-the-art Outpatients Self-Service Check-in and Call-Out Screens in its Outpatient Department at Altnagelvin Hospital, from February 6 to help reduce the time patients have to wait to book in for their appointment.

The easy-to-use kiosks allow patients to book in for their Outpatient appointment without having to queue to see a receptionist. Patients simply confirm their gender and date of birth when prompted – the system will then ask them to confirm a few further details prior to booking in.

The kiosks are also equipped with built-in printers, which will print off a ticket which contains the patient’s call number, appointment time and location. Patients are then able to take their seats in the designated waiting area as identified on the ticket.

Geraldine McKay, Director of Acute Services, welcoming the new system said: “These new kiosks are really simple to use and will enhance patients’ experiences in our Outpatient Department. Step by step instructions take you through each stage of checking in and you just enter your details on the touch screen. You can only read what is on the screen if you are standing right over it so it is very private.”

She continued: “Outpatients is the first point of contact with the Trust for many patients, so the introduction of these kiosks will give them an improved service, whilst freeing receptionists to spend time with patients that need help.”

Phillip McGowan, Patient Access Manager for the Western Trust added: “The system will help to reduce the amount of time that patients have to wait to be booked in for their appointment and waiting around in the main waiting area. They will also reduce the need for patients to be escorted to their appointment by staff as the system will automatically direct patients to their area.

“The new system has been welcomed by Altnagelvin Outpatients staff, who have been fully involved in the planning stages through to implementation. We have made sure that the system is fully supported by staff and volunteers who will be on hand to provide assistance and support to those who need it.”

The patient is still able to choose whether to use the self-check-in kiosks or continue to use the receptionist. The service will include six touchscreen Check-In Kiosks. In order to provide flexibility three are located at the Main Outpatients entrance, one centrally located within the department and one at each of the secondary entrances to outpatients, as well as information/call out screens at each waiting area.

There will be times when Trust volunteers will provide a meet and greet role in this area and they also can offer support to patients who may have difficulty in using the new system.