Outrage as bandsmen urinate on parochial house

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An image allegedly showing two bandsmen urinating outside a parochial house in Limavady has sparked fury.

Sinn Féin Councillor Brenda Chivers said she has raised the matter with the PSNI and has warned that “if it comes to our attention again in future we will be raising it with the police.”

“It is the parochial house in Limavady. It’s an absolute disgrace. The house is right next to the chapel so there is no excuse because they obviously would have known it was the priest’s house.

“People are very angry about it and you can understand why. It really is disgraceful. We had a meeting yesterday with the Policing and Community Safety Partnership. Tony Callaghan (Chief Inspector and Limavady Area Commander) said that they were aware of it. I understand that it wasn’t a local band. We have demanded a response. An apology wouldn’t go amiss.”

A spokesperson for the PSNI said they are aware of the alleged incident and one man has been cautioned.

Limavady Councillor Brenda Chivers said she is pleased there has been a “swift response” from police. “It is one law for everybody”, she said. “Let it be a warning to other people and other bands. If we become aware of it happening again in the future, it will be brought to the police.”

She continued: “It isn’t good for the relations in Limavady. We already have to tolerate so many bands. We have been complaining about them relieving themselves when they get off the busses for so long - especially in Ballykelly where I’ve been told they can be seen doing it in full view of children and everything.

“I do hope that there is a response from the relevant representatives from the bands in Limavady. I am sure that they will be easily recognised by the band and everything else.

“It just shows no respect for the neighbours and for religion. Sometimes they talk about ‘church parades’ and things like that but this shows no respect for religion whatsoever.”