Eglinton surf kayak champs to feature on return of ‘Monumental’

Corin and Jake King.
Corin and Jake King.

Londonderry world beating surf kayaking champions Corin and Jake King will feature on the return of comedy panel series ‘Monumental’ to the small screen on Friday (February 7).

The brothers, who hail from Eglinton, have both reached the summit of the unusual sport of surf kayaking.

First Corin secured a Junior IC (International Class) World title in Santa Cruz in Portugal in 2009.

Then last summer Jake won the Surf Kayak World Championship at Maroochydore beach in Queensland Australia.

During Friday’s show host Jarred Christmas, comics Jimeoin, Andrew Maxwell, Michael Smiley, Micky Bartlett, and guests Christine Bleakley and X Factor voice over artist Peter Dickson will have to guess the King brothers’ world beating achievements.

During the episode, which airs on BBC1 at 10.35pm, Christine Bleakley, reveals where she took fiancé Frank Lampard on his first visit to her home town of Newtownards.

Across the series, there are also surprise appearances from other popular personalities, including: Louis Walsh, Philip Schofield, Eamonn Holmes and Lawrie Sanchez.

Monumental is a Green Inc Film and Television Production for BBC One Northern Ireland.